Monday, July 12, 2010

Interview with Agnes Martin, 1997

I’m pleasantly pleased to add Agnes Martin to my list of artists I enjoy. Her interview was a breath of fresh air. Agnes is an artist that works entirely with inspiration, specifically the inspiration that is without cause. The example she used was; when you wake up in the morning and your happy for no reason it is an emotion with no cause. Those are the emotions she paints about. An interesting thing said was her view on music, considering it the highest form of art. Music is the highest form of art because of the emotions it elicits. These pure emotions that inspiration should come from. Agnes enjoys a clear mind for thoughts to bounce around in. She has given up theory’s, and ideas with a belief that ideas simply clutter and confuse inspiration until the inspiration is no longer visible in the art. She also approaches her work in a humble manner explaining that the education system is wrong. Education tells us we can do anything, but Agnes believes that when you come in believing you can achieve anything, you can really only repeat what has been done. As a person one needs to let experimentation happen.


1. If you feel inspired by something should you continue researching the topic in search of more inspiration or will this cloud the initial response.

2. Are artists overly concerned with how their work is displayed?

3. Agnes states that artists do not deserve credit for their work that the inspiration does. Where does inspiration come from? I know what I believe.

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