Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Art Market

In the essay by Christine Mehring,"Emerging market: Christine Mehring on the birth of the contemporary art fair, 2008." She speaks about what would be considered the first art fair. The fair took place in germany and was called Kunstmarkt 67. It was a huge success and included dealers of both German and American art. The article mostly speaks about the history of this market and its main founders, Rudolf Zwirner and Hein Stunke. The article also goes into detail about the politics behind the art fair and the controversy that arose with the refusal of certain art dealers into the fair. It goes into detail of how gallery openings are no longer the norm for selling large amounts of art and how art fairs have opened the door for stroller toting mothers to get into their cultural side.

This article is fitting given that the Ringing seniors and juniors are embarking on a trip to Art Basel this week to experience the art fair in person. It is also an eye opening view on the real way to get your art into the world. Not necessarily by openings... but with the ever popular art fair.

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