Monday, November 8, 2010

The Birth of the Big Beautiful Art Market, Air Guitar 1997

I will be the first to admit that my mind was drifting while I read this chapter. This review may not hold the big picture but it embodies what I came away with. This chapter from "Air Guitar" is a very straightforward way of letting us know just how much the art world mimicked the other markets of the world. Speaking specifically about the car industry. As a kid Dave Hickey loved cars and to him they were a work of art. He wanted his art to avoid being categorized and like so many artists want the response of, "[a] subtle jolt of visual de-familiarization as a prelude to delight." He calls to our attention the similarities between the different markets, and his ability to glide between them because of these similarities. Hickey also drifts into the realm of conceptual art (art that does not always need walls.) These ideas, installations, and portable art came about because of one reality. The walls are full. This chapter feels familiar. I remember my freshman year someone telling me that no matter what kind of art I make someone will love it and want to support it. I want my art to sell but many of my decisions are those that I would enjoy still. A personal question that I am working with and have been for a while is, 'Am I working within the world of modern art?'

1. If we work for the market is it selling out?
2. Can we compete with the original market?
3. Has the market died?

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