Monday, September 13, 2010

How Marina Abromovic's Red-Velvet rope at MoMa works 5/24/2010

This article discusses a performance piece shown at the MoMa by artist Marina Abromovic and the problems its creating. The Piece is in high demand and drawing a large crowd, but because she only allows one visitor at a time and some folks stay upwards to an hour; The line nearly never moves. There are special Vip's that have gotten in early but because of complaints from museum guests the museum director has put this to a stop. It is a balancing act between the artist, the crowd, and the museum to create a fair viewing environment.

1. Should the artist control who views their art?
2. Should the artist ever change a piece to appease the general public
3. Is a piece like Abromovic's turning art into a mockery or just a spurt of fame?

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