Monday, September 6, 2010

Semester Plan

This semester I will be focusing on images of the wetlands. Specifically working with bald cypress swamps, because of the cypress knees they grow along side themselves. They are beautiful twisting structures that are often over looked. The images will be represented in a loose high contrast style of drawing, but in a realistic manner. They may seem abstract because of the nature of cypress knees but I will be working directly from photographs. I want these images to be striking, and attractive. I have a firm belief that people generally do not preserve things they see to be ugly, and most swamps are seen to be rather ugly. I want to show them through my eyes; bringing out the details many over look, hopefully to spark interest in the destruction of one of Florida’s most precious resources.

For research I plan on continuing with scientific research on the swamps themselves, as well as immersing myself in them for inspiration. What elements truly stick out to me when I visit these places? How much damage are we causing with their destruction? Much of my research will also be on the Internet. I plan on taking most of my own pictures but will also turn to other resources from time to time if I cannot visit the actual sites.

I will be working in both print and sculpture. Most of my works will be in printmaking using the techniques of screen-printing over lithography. I hope to achieve seven editions of 10 for the semester. For the sculptures I will be working with wood, foam, water, environmental elements and possibly resin and cement. The size of the prints will be around 10x30” on tan paper. The sculptures will range from 1’x3’x3’ to 2’x4’x5’ and any version of those measurements in between. Because printmaking is my main focus I will be working more on those and the number of sculptures I hope to achieve is still undecided. One for sure, 2 if I can achieve my desired outcomes.

I plan on having a print done at least every two weeks, and hope to have critiques when I have two completely finished. I do not have set dates for my critiques but I do plan on having one every month, or sooner depending on how quickly the project progress.

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