Monday, October 18, 2010

Unknown Known, or Iraq's initiation into Democratic Practice

In Rumsfeld’s “Unknown Known,..” it begins to open our eyes to the violent culture we live in as Americans. It points out the connection between the humiliations in the prison camps and our own hazing rituals to gain entrance into sororities, secret clubs, gangs, or nearly any inner circle. The difference however in the humiliation and our own hazing is the reasoning behind it. Our hazing creates camaraderie within the groups, where the humiliation in the prisons lets them know they are different and not part of our group. Throughout the essay he also mentions the measures taken to stop this torture. These include, renaming them (ex: long exposure to bright light is referred to as visual stimulation,) outsourcing them (sending our prisoners to other countries where they can torture them for us,) and lastly simply not allowing cameras in the prisons so these actions cannot be recorded. I do not feel that this article pertains to my art even in the slightest. This is a political information piece directed to enlighten persons on the events that are taking place in our country and how they also affect others. My art may be try and be persuasive, but it does not address the direct behavior of our culture like this essay does.

1. Does the prison torture really qualify as torture if it mirrors the same humiliation we inflict on our own, or is it simply hazing?
2. How did we become a violent nation?
3. If all you had to do was torture a man to save your entire family would it justify the means of retrieving the information

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