Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ziek and the crossdressing to the sound of music

In Ziek and Cross dressing to the Sound of Music the author is summarizing the video of another man expressing how much the movie "The Sound of Music" mimics the Nazi agenda. The movie is set in a similar home town to the one that Hitler grew up in, and includes the idealization of the blond hair blue eyed woman and children.
This also does not have much to do with my art. Mostly because this essay is only speaking about double meanings and hidden agendas. I would like to think that my art is rather straight forward.

1. Is this man out of his mind?
2. Is the over interpretation of this movie a step to far
3. Do the video and the movie have separate meanings, or are they exactly the same in that their relational aesthetics are only meant to bring joy?

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