Monday, October 18, 2010

Frontline: Digital Nation Video, Feb 2010

Recorded only this year is a video called “Digital Nation.” This video addresses the pros and cons to the technological revolution sweeping the world. It touches base on the virtual worlds people are living in including, Second life, World of war craft, and other Internet based games. It also discusses the idea of people becoming addicted to technology like alcohol or drugs. Not all technology is seen as bad however. While some will complain that students are less focused, and loosing their abilities to read, write and comprehend. Others are arguing that our generation simply learns differently, and that the upcoming job market lends it self towards our learning style. We will need to be up to date on technology in order to survive in this job market.
This is an interesting part of my work. Because technology has come so far, you can experience things right from your own living room. I work with conservation and if one only experiences these environments from their home they will miss the big picture. The styles I work in are also out dated, wooden boats and 17th century style printing will not make a comeback in anything in this world but art. I would say technology has done a lot of good, but I appreciate not being allowed to watch television as a child and not having a phone until I was older. Taking vacations with my family where we were completely disconnected from the world was a blessing. I would not appreciate nature or craft the way I do if I were raised in a more technological household.

1. Why do we continue to push new technology away when it has shown promising results in the past?
2. Are older generations simply stubborn to new learning methods, and therefore behind the curve themselves?
3. Are we overwhelmed as a culture by images and distractions, and becoming unable to focus?

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