Friday, February 18, 2011

Therese's questions

1. What stereotype do you identify with?
I don’t think you can make your own stereotype, I asked the person next to me though and she said conservation artist. If you went to my hometown they would say typical Florida nature girl. It all depends on who you and and where you are.

2. Answer is the same as question one

3. During what activity do you feel most masculine?
When I work on my car I feel the most masculine or fixing my house, mostly because my father always told me I needed to know these things because men weren’t learning these skills from their dads anymore.

4. During what activity do you feel most feminine?
It sounds a little strange but when I shave my legs I feel the most feminine… or like a super awesome professional swimmer!

5. May I take a video of you performing these actions?
If my car were broken sure… and no on the shaving of my legs.

6. How do you feel about Adrian piper being on a suspicious travelers list?
Given the year she was put on it I think it’s a little absurd, but if compared to the people on the suspicious travelers list now its average. I personally know five people on the list and one of them is only 5. We have become an even more cautious country and soon we will all be on the suspicious travelers list.

7. Would you makes the same decision that Adrian piper did if you were put on the list?
No. I like where I live and I’m comfortable here. I would not let the government dictate where I go and when.

8. What do you think about Adrians work that was mentioned in the article?
I feel like she is so well known because of her ethnicity and dealing with feminist issues. There is a level of confusion though that I have. I feel as though she deals with almost to many issues at a time. She is a renowned feminist artist but she also deals with race and ethnicity. It becomes a little overwhelming. I would like to see these pieces on video or in real to truly talk about them.

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