Monday, February 21, 2011

Shane's questions

1. Do you agree that this is all conceptual art is?
No I do not agree that this is all conceptual art is. I think that it could be used as a jumping off point to create conceptual art, but I am not a conceptual artist so my opinion is probably incorrect.

2. How does that fact that there is an eHow on making contemporary art affect your ideas of art?
It honestly does not. I actually think this is a great thing. It opens up the art world to more people who may have feared it. I have known for a long time that conceptual art is often times seen in a negative light, and I think this helps. Not only that it reaffirms the idea in the second reading that everyone is a conceptual artist.

3. Is there a difference between this and the old Bob Ross painting shows?
Yes. Bob Ross taught you how to create his specific piece; this is how you paint a tree, a bush, and water. This is a more open ended set of instructions.

4. Can high art survive in the modern world?
High art has survived long enough. There will always be intellectuals and art collectors and philosophers who believe that there is a hierarchy in art. High art will be around for as long as people feel the need to label it as such.

5. My work is firmly entrenched in conceptual art norms, what forms of postmodern art has the Internet made irrelevant, or are there any?
I think many forms of postmodern art are based around the internet to begin with. I am struggling with this question a little, as I don’t see the connection of your conceptual art norms to the internet. Much of postmodern art is based around quick information, blurbs of facts, and instant gratification. I don’t see how the internet has made any form of postmodern art irrelevant.

6. I feel my work attempts to make the intangible not just tangible but accessible, is there a point where accessibility tips to eHow?
First off I find it interesting that you refer to yourself as intangible, and are you referring to yourself as being intangible to us? Or yourself? I think twitter and facebook have beaten you to the punch line of bordering on eHow. Tons of people make themselves as accessible as eHow every day by tweeting there every move and feeling. Is your art any different than overly open people on the internet?

7. My concept of self-dissection and betterment strives to be deep, dangerous, and relevant. Is there more to “good” conceptual art than the strength of the concept.
Of course there is. Just thinking of a great concept does not create great art. Great conceptual art comes with the execution of concept in whatever art form one deems most appropriate. I would like to hear more on your ideas of how your piece is dangerous and relevant? I understand the deep aspect; I just want you to elaborate on those two topics. Would you consider your work to be more relevant to your audience or yourself?

8. Do you feel there is a difference between my work and something someone would make after reading this eHow.
Well to answer that, since I don’t believe this to be the worse representation on how to create conceptual art. All one would have to do is compare our artwork. Yes there is a difference.

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