Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Alex's questions

1. How important is the process of destroying something ( personal object/ mental image/photograph) to create a piece of work that is abstract?
It is incredibly important if that is the whole idea behind your piece. Than on the other hand if you are just trying to create an abstract image or sculpture and you are destroying something incredibly personal to do so with no reasoning, it would completely change your idea.

2. In your own work, how do you feel that the medium that you choose best expresses your meaning, message & own truth?
I believe my truth could in all actuality be expressed in any medium as well as my message. As far as my own truth that is where my medium comes into play. Printing brings out my meticulous side it shows a certain amount of care and appreciation to the process that I believe could be lost with any other medium.

3. In your opinion, why do you think that the Gerald Peters Gallery mainly selected Fair's photos for their abstract impact? (not showing the photographs of the smokestacks & factories). Do you believe that these particular abstract photos were selected because of an "over-all" sense of platonic beauty? Do you believe that the GP Gallery wanted to appeal to the "masses" in order to make a better sale?
I 100% believe that the GP gallery wanted to appeal to the rich south westerners that visit their gallery. Everyone needs to pay their bills I don’t blame them for wanting to make some sales.

4. What are the similarities between art & documentation?
I think historically that is where this discussion is most relevant. Before photography we were the documenters of history. Currently we still document our feelings our experiences. Maybe not photographically but it is impossible to avoid your own personal experiences in your work.

5. In my own work, do you feel that I convey a sense of environment & mood?
I feel through the colors you use you do convey a sense of mood, you pick your colors according to what I assume is mostly gut feeling. As far as environment is concerned you do create abstract landscapes but being as personal as they are at times can come across as just abstract. This is neither good nor bad because your pieces can still be enjoyed even if the entire idea is not conveyed.

6. Do you feel that the process & materials that I use, best expresses my message in my paintings? If not, then please explain what materials would work best for the execution & final outcome of my work.
I am not sure if you could have the same message in any other medium, but I do think it would be beneficial to try another and see how you feel about it.

7. How important is the use of scale in your own work? And do you believe that I use an appropriate size & scale for my paintings?
I think you have been playing it safe for a while. This semester when you started to paint absolutely huge it was beneficial to allow the viewer to be enveloped into an atmosphere, and I would like to see more of those. Be bold!

8. What do you think of my color palette for my paintings? What colors do you think I should use in my next painting.
That is a super hard question. I don’t know what your new painting is about. Why you’re doing it, or any thing else. I think it should be black and white. Break out of your norm, do something monochromatic. See were it takes you. Maybe ever work tiny! See If you can express yourself in a 12”x12” image.

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