Friday, March 4, 2011

laurens questions

1. Why is meditative patterning an important part of my art?
I believe you meditate through your art. This is important because it takes you away from how hectic and over stimulating the world is now. We are bombarded by images and bright colors, and by the use of black and white patterns calm the mind and by having no predetermined goal let one just relax.

2. Do you think it is possible to gain an unaffected state of mind, even for a moment, through meditative drawing?
There is no doubt in my mind that we can gain an unaffected state of mind through meditative drawing. That is what brought me to art in the first place. You can just loose yourself when working on a piece. Some times I build thinks and paint them back just because painting solid black lets me loose myself. I don’t have to focus on anything and my mind rests.

3. What role does subtlety play in my art?
I think your concept is the subtle part of you work. The black and white imagery is very bold. Initially when I see your work I look for pattern, and things that stand out. Once I realized that wasn’t present I looked for an overall theme. The imagery is interesting with the only connection being the way they are catalogued. That is your meditation on work that isn’t ink related. Your subtlety is in the details. The wax, the soft strokes, and the titles.

4. How does the ephemeral quality of paper deal with the idea of impermanence?
They have a direct connection. The paper we print on will eventually deteriorate the only issue now is the inks. Even though the paper will disappear the inks are permanent plastics if printing screen. Maybe the creation of your own natural inks would further aid in the idea of impermanence.

5. How do you view spectacle in relation to pop culture?
Pop culture is all about spectacle. Everything is in your face all the time, eye catching.

6. What is the difference between survival and existence?
Survival is fighting to literally survive, and existence is in my opinion being comfortable and not needing to find food or shelter.

7. How do you view previous generations and their opinion of art, taking into consideration the statements made in this article?
I feel as though the majority of older generations put a much higher value on things with a function like furniture, or lighting. Because art is not a necessity it qualifies as a luxury to many. I do think that the older generations do enjoy making it though as just an enjoyable pastime. This is not to say everyone is the same.

8. How has civilization compromise autonomy?
I’m assuming by civilization your referring to the common need for people to elect a governing body. This is autonomy, we govern ourselves. I feel its similar to our situation with the senior show. There are to many minds and fighting and arguments would break out. My question is, “is autonomy a necessity in civilization?”

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