Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Arun's questions

1. Most of the effective styles are those I have stumbled upon while creating previous work and built on that.

2. The artist who does this for me is Mattias Plessing. his art is functional you see a bench its just a bench, but its construction is absolutely epic

3. Absolutely. I study people responses to my own techniques to know what is and isn't getting my point across.

4. I would say the work is more satisfying, but sometimes the finished piece is exactly what you want and its a great feeling.

5. Your work is entirely about people and things you come across. It's like you own visual journal.

6. I think it will be a jumping off point for when you can truly do what you want.

7. There is no one better to see your mistakes then you. We are all hyper critical. As long as you grow from mistakes it wil be beneficial.

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