Friday, April 22, 2011

Brittany's Questions

1. The similarities between slower mediums and quick mediums are the final product. While they man not be immediate similarities its still a visual experience. I struggle with the word object, due to my own mental constraints. Photos would be considered images to me, but can become objects.

2. The message of a photo is immediate. with photography one cannot escape the word documentation. Everything else about a photo can change except the documentation.

3. Well having a sense of amateurism is always important. Because it means one has not peaked. But being an amateur can interfere with the final intent if the necessary skills are not available.

4. While he is watching everyone through the key holes it shows the definition of voyeurism. As well as us the viewers watching these scenes and becoming voyers as well. Except with this film and photography alike we cannot get caught, and if we do we are simply becoming more cultured.

5. N/A zoned out

6. What it is brought to public eyes. Maybe someone secretly photographed... paparazzi

7. Your work references your self because of your relationship to those in the pictures. as for how you reference current times, your work references current hipster culture.

8. Film has a permanence that isn't achieved in digital work

9. It's more immediate. You can make large amounts of work.

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