Sunday, April 24, 2011

Robbies Questions

1.) Did you find any similarities between the reading and the YouTube video?
The youtube video has in my opinion kind of a silly message. They both speak of our experiences as an artist as a human and how they are always different and effect our beliefs.

2.) Do you believe that attempting to remove certain tenets embedded deep within our society is an important aspect to the advancement of the human condition?
I dont believe removing the principles is the answer, but simply adding to them.

3.) Are there any examples of people considered to be insane for their attempt to remove unnecessary beliefs within our society?
Much if not all of science was originally thought to be insane until it was proven correct.

4.) Andrei Tarkovsky expresses the fact that you cannot force others to feel certain emotions, and that you may not experience life through anything other than your own personal experiences. Do you believe that this statement is beneficial to the creation of art?
No. If fact I don’t agree with it at all. I hear stories that have never happened to me and it still can stir up emotions as if I were participating in the event. I believe that our own experiences are the strongest but that we can learn from eachother.

5.) Do you agree, or disagree, with the opinions that Andrei Tarkovsky expresses about his view on art? Why?
I don’t believe all good art is created through struggle. I think that kind of strange to think about. It may not be as emotional or it is and we do not put the same value on good emotions.

6.) Do you find a similarity between my work and any of the information that I have presented to you?
Your work is based solely on what you want to create and a direct correlation to things you have done in your life whether they be good or bad.

7.) Are there any similarities between the work that you create and the presented information?
They are just talking about experiences so yes

8.) Is everything going to be okay?

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