Thursday, April 7, 2011

Trevor's questions

1. The idea that our world was not created by accident is very plausible, and in fact what I believe.

2. I mostly make my art in a blank state of mind. I become completely unaware of what is going on around me.

3. extraterrestrial alien art would be light. Who knows maybe our star system is their art, but I think their art would be more related to technology.

4. I think they are. My life deals a large amount with spirituality and within my life is quantum physics. They are somehow connected or they would not be able to exist together.

!. I think he stands with his ideas as fact and you stand as making things that make some sort of sense to you. You speak your own little language similar the the encoding in dna you encode in your art.

@. I'm still not 100% on what your talking about... sorry

#. Not particularly no. I think your drawings are very personal and you could really care less who sees them. I connect to the idea that they are art and how they are displayed but as far as ideas they skip past me.

$. Yes. I think we create code all the time while we make work. Our own languages are embedded into every move and mark we make. This is why I think they can match your handwriting.

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