Monday, April 18, 2011

Pauls Questions

1. Is the author of this book being overly simplistic?
I see nothing wrong with being simplistic in the approach of the subject. He is however creating an ideal idea of art education. He speaks about teaching the students the wrong subjects and the effect is has on their own personal development as critical thinkers. The true student however will think for himself or herself. If there is a particular subject one would be interested in it would be advisable to do research whether or not instructed to. A good education is dependent on the student.

2. Is the author being overly cynical?
I believe so. He is digging into art education as this awful construct when surely he has gone through it and done fine for himself. Why? Because he thinks for himself… you can teach that.

3. Can you be cynical and paranoid and still be correct in your assertions concerning matters that are highly subjective?
Of course. There are always moments of intelligent ranting. As far as how ideas are presented though there could be better ways of working around the subject.

4. Since "group think" is not only entrenched in the art world but the real world, should it not be encouraged in art school?
No. Group thinking can be welcomed on some level of morals. As far as education is concerned each student should be pushed in the direction they are seeking and not forced to jump on the band wagon as to not make waves.

5. Does the fine arts department at Ringling College of Art and Design represent a microcosm of the Art World?
I would say it does, but not willingly. Those who are not necessarily accepted as New York artist work their way in but are not always wanted.

6. As stated in the reading "does privileging words over visual expression encourage a narrowly didactic approach to art making?"
Placing words over visual expression stifles those who do not excel at expressing themselves with writing or verbally. Art is so subjective that it truly cannot be taught.

7. Is Automatism or any other intuitive approach discouraged in contemporary art academia?
Not here. I cannot speak for other colleges but there is not a whole lot of exploration that I have seen discouraged.

8. Do you believe my work would have been better served had I not attended art college?
I don’t believe so. I think getting your work into a critical eye helped you discover your motivations, and goals.

9. Do you believe my work to be self indulgent?
All of our work is self-indulgent. Why would be spend every day doing something we didn’t enjoy.

10. If all art is self indulgent to a certain extent, should I not embrace this approach?
Why not? Have fun, and eat some chocolate metaphorically.

11. Does the "it's all about me" approach to my work alienate you the viewer?
It alienates the viewer because they are not down with your symbols. We cannot understand what your head is trying to say because we don’t speak your language. The viewer can still enjoy your work from a voyeuristic point of view, but as far as fully understanding what your throwing our way it impossible.

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