Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sandra's Questions

1. If a piece of mine became an Internet meme I would be upset. Art especially contemporary/conceptual art is looked at in a poor light by many people. This would just further that opinion.

2.They inform nothing and they dismantle nothing. In my opinion this piece has no substance, and nothing to destroy.

3. I would still applaud. Just because this particular event was not a success does not mean the next one wont be great, and I don’t want to discourage them from creating the next one.

4. I'm defined as many things that can be seen as negative in society. Thus is life you deal with it.

5. I try and keep my work offline of social sites. For many reasons including ridicule.

6. In my opinion time heals all unless you run for president.

7. I dont think your work would get that kind of negative attention. Stop motions are awesome

8. It tells me you are up to date on internet fads. I wasn't even sure what a meme was until you brought the article to my attention.

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