Friday, April 22, 2011

Dannielle's questions

1. He seems to think teaching art is irrational. I don’t feel that way. While yes I agree it is pretty impossible to teach anything beyond technique. If you are working in a contemporary world it is necessary for one to practice the discussions we have in class.

2. I believe he speaks of teching as literally the ideas of the artist, you can inplant those or anything in that matter that they will chose.

3. I believe there is a transition period in making art that needs to happen. Initially art is so new to people that I think having projects gives them a goal or an encouragement. But at a certain point those projects become to constraining, and the student needs to be set free. The issue is that everyone is different these transitions come all kinds of times.

4. I believe the building blocks of art can be taught and it is up to the artist to develop the mortar and style. There is no black and white in art

5. I don’t believe the classes at Ringling have prepared me for working outside of an academic setting but the opportunities I have pursued through Ringling have.

6. I believe if you had assignments and were required to use only one medium you would have still made these but at a much later date. They would only be ideas in your head with no time to realize them because you would be consumed by the projects and deadlines.

7. I feel successful but not by comparison. I think my experience here has be radically different from most students and that is where I have succeeded. I believe your work shifted from Belgium so much because of the tools available. You weren’t confined to canvas and paper anymore you could do anything.

8. I think it helped. Because you already knew how to do the basics you felt comfortable enough to try something else. You were still encouraged to break out and do your thing.

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