Sunday, April 24, 2011

Georgie's questions

1. Art therapy is the use of art or the creation of art to help someone physically or mentally with whatever problem they may be facing.

2. When I make art it is therapeutic. I loose myself into a piece of work and its one of the best feelings

3. Art is a way of keeping ones hands busy, its like an ice breaker. Many times people dont want to verbally face their problems because they become to real. art is non committal communication.

4. I dont believe I have ever expressed my issues in my work, but I do use my work to take me somewhere that I enjoy

5. No. as a human we should help each other but with art is not required.

6. I actually dont see your work as relating to art therapy, but I haven't talked to you much about your pieces.

7. Your work could serve as a way to document and relive events and categorize them for your self but to the viewer I don't believe it would serve that purpose.

8. I think everyone's art will change when we leave school. School with deadlines and requirements takes so much of the relaxing joy out of art its not even funny.

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