Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Justine's questions

1. Of course. The line that defines them is almost purely functionally.

2. We would never stop wearing clothes but I dont see why people wouldn't consider fashion. Maybe fashion will never be viewed as art but clothes have been used in art for many many years.

3. I don't think fashion could be conceptual but items of clothing most certainly can be.

4. That would be an extra bonus. if you created a wearable sculpture and didn't wear it. On extra layer of what is added to things.

5. Because you work solely with female attire you can initially come of as feminist, but with further research you would be categorized elsewhere.

6. I don't believe they would be fashion. It is a hard distinction through because truly anything can be art, not everything can be fashion.

7. I dont believe your dresses are very fashionable. having them pinned the way to do eliminates some of their value. hangers truly are a distinguisher.

8. Absolutely different its a gender change, your position would change on the fashion aspect. Why the focus on women's clothing? and only on business and formal attire?

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